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Justin Sun

Justin Sun, born in 1990, master of University of Pennsylvania, bachelor of Peking University,founder and CEO of mobile social application Peiwo and TRON,

the former chief representative for Greater China of Ripple.

2011 Asia Weekly Cover People; 2014 Davos Global Shaper; 2015 CNTV new figure of the year; 2017 Forbes Asia 30 under 30 entrepreneurs;2015/2017 Forbes China 30 Under-30s;

The Only Millennial Student in the first batch of entrepreneurs at Hupan University,

an elite business school established by Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group.


Lucien Chen

Lucien Chen has served in many first-tier Internet companies, such as Netease youdao, Tencent, Qihoo 360

Keelson Yang
Technical Director

He graduated from the Computer Department of Tsinghua University with more than 15 years of work experience.

Xiaodong Xie

Three years’ of technical development expertise.His expertise includes Java and Go.

Maorong Lin

Four years’ of technical development expertise.His expertise includes Java and Python on Linux, and system integration.

Xiaoqian Chen
Web Developer

Senior web developer, five years’ experience in web development, proficient in JavaScript, HTML and CSS in webpage making.

Junju Wang
Web Developer

Four years’ experience in web development,familiar with JavaScript, HTML and CSS in the PC and mobile development.

Zhaozhou Wang
Python Developer

Four years development experience, familiar with python and C language,and experienced in campus products.

IOS Developer

Four years’ development experience, experienced in social networking products.

Yibing Wang
IOS Developer

Three years development experience, experienced in community networking products.

Shaoyang Peng
IOS Developer

Five years’ development experience, experienced in network tools.

Fuchang Wu
Android Developer

Seven years’ development experience, experienced in mobile app for hardware products.

Android Developer

Four years’ development experience, experienced in mobile app for hardware products.

Xiaoqiang Jiang
Android Developer

Five years’ development experience, experienced in online entertainment products.

Zhongwen Zhang
Java Developer

Four years’ development experience, familiar with java language. Skilled in Html, CSS, JSP.


March 2014 Raybo, the predecessor of Tron Foundation, established in Beijing, is China’s first Internet technology company in blockchain industry.
May 2014 Received investments from IDG Capital, Chris Larsen, Executive Chairman of Ripple's board of directors and former CEO and co-founder of Ripple, and Greg Kidd, the former Chief Risk Officer at Ripple Labs.
January 2015 Joined “TusPark Star Incubator” of Tsinghua University, PBC School of Finance
May 2015 Received investments from China Equity Group, IDG Capital, Zhongke capital and THVC.
July 2017 TRON Foundation was established in Singapore.
August 2017 Received investments from Bitmain, Qtum Foundation, FBG Capital, founder of OFO Dai Wei etc.
September 2017 Completed the global fund-raising
December 2017 Listed on 10+ global mainstream exchanges. Trading volume per day exceeded USD 50 million. Becoming one of the world's top 30 cryptocurrencies.
December 29, 2017 TRON protocol open source
First quarter of 2018 TestNet and MainNet Launch

TRON Join Us/ Careers

Technology experts in blockchain

1.Familiar with C/C++, Java or Go, and at least one scripting language.

2.Know the source code of Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitShares or IOTA projects and have a unique understanding and good coding habits.

3.985/211 postgraduates,At least 3-year work experience.


Director of Overseas Markets

1.To be responsible for public relations and cooperation with all kinds of media.

2.At least five years of experiences working with media, public relations or brand planning.

3.Job in English. Graduate degree or above, major in Chinese, media, communications and marketing.


Director of Overseas BD

1.At least five years of overseas business development experience.

2.Ability to identify cooperation resources according to the business development and strategy of the company.

3.Participate in and be responsible for the expansion, negotiation, and promotion of the company's cooperation scheme.

4.Complete business negotiations independently and develop cooperation programmers. Bachelor degree or above with major in marketing. Overseas study experience.


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