TRON Ecosystem Co-Builder Plan


The TRON ECP aims at encouraging and supporting TRON-based Startups, DApp developers, freelance developers, and Blockchain VC to cobuild the TRON ecosystem, providing them with a platform for long-term communication and cooperation with TRON Foundation.

Through this platform, co-builders can submit their projects or DApps, apply for resources like capital, technical support, and community exposure; claim development task, complete it and get the reward; apply to be VC partners, sharing quality projects, investing and incubating jointly. Based on the above-mentioned 4 sections, there are 4 components of the TRON ECP: TRON Booster, TRX Claiming Plan for DApps, Task Claiming Plan, and VC Partnership Plan. We welcome all to participate in cobuilding the TRON ecosystem.

Contact: [email protected]

TRON Booster

What We Do

TRON Booster incubator focuses on investing in and incubating TRON-based blockchain startups, including but not limited to sidechain, stable currency, DEX, wallet, cryptocurrency payment gateway, and other specific application scenarios based on the TRON network.

What We Can Offer

  • Capital Support
  • Technical Support
  • Community Promotion

How to improve application success rate

We are looking for a company with product demos and a relatively mature technical team as well as operation team.

TRX Claiming Plan for DApps


TRX Claiming Plan for DApps aims at enriching TRX application scenario with DApps, connecting DApp ecosystem and users via TRX.


DApp developers can apply for a certain amount of TRX from TRON, and reward users who contribute postively to the DApps with these TRX according to the Reward Rules made by the developers. Users can use the TRX they gain to pay for services or content provided by the DApps so as to expand the DApp ecosystem, creating a positive cycle in the ecosystem.

Claiming Requirement

The DApps developed must use TRX for transactions and incentives.
DApp developers are required to submit their DApp demos and Reward Rules.

VC Partnership Plan

VC Partnership Plan provides a platform for TRON and Token Fund to cooperate proactively with traditional VC, investing in and incubating TRON-based quality startups and DApps, e.g. identified quality projects through TRON Booster and TRX Claiming Plan for DApps. TRON's VC partners will be the first to get the latest updates on these quality projects as well as important progress of the TRON ecosystem.

VC Partnership Plan


  • Gotop.key