Choose Wallet

When using TRON Android/IOS wallet, you need to manually select a FullNode and a SolidityNode which are listed as active on Github.
TRON Wallet Notice
Before using the TRON wallet, please make sure you are aware of these points:
1.TRON wallets on all platforms are created by community developers and are only recommended on TRON's official website.
2.If you have trouble using TRON wallet, please contact its developer through the corresponding github link.
3.Always remember that it is your responsibility to choose your wallet carefully and adopt good practices in order to protect your TRX.
Community-developed Wallet
TRON Wallet Android
TRON Wallet Web
TRON Wallet Chrome
TRON Wallet Desktop
TRON Wallet Android
TRON-dev Collaboration Wallet
Cobo Wallet IOS/Android
Bitpie Wallet IOS/Android
Ledger Wallet Hardware
Atomic Wallet
  • Gotop.key