Make Web Decentralized Again

Web 4.0 Blockchain Dapp Platform

Tron is one of the largest blockchain based operating systems in the world.

Tron strives to construct a global free content entertainment system, utilizing blockchain technology. This protocol allows each user to freely publish, store, and own data. The issuance, circulation, and trading of digital assets,

through decentralized self governance, lay the foundation for the distribution and subscription of content, thereby empowering content creators as well as forming a decentralized content entertainment ecosystem.

The app partners of Tron protocol include Peiwo, Obike, Gifto, Uplive, with a total of 4 millions users, making Tron a blockchain protocol with the most DAPP users in the world.

Decentralized application that you can trust

We strive to create a decentralized internet that allows everyone to freely create content, websites, and applications, without relying on centralized services. By empowering the users, we will transform the internet on a global scale.

Blockchain-based smart contracts

In the new internet era, the legislative power will be transferred from an opaque centralized authority to transparent codes. Rules and protocols will be entirely transparent and based on faithfully executed smart contracts.

Digital Asset Issued by Anyone

Blockchain technology allows every individual the ability to issue digital assets under the protection of a decentralized internet. Digital assets allow strangers to collaborate and profit on a grand scale, which is the foundation of a prosperous decentralized internet.

The Burgeoning Web 4.0 Ecosystem

Tron is a representative of the Web 4.0 Ecosystem. More than 100,000 users from more than 100 countries have become part of this network with ever expanding boundary.

Partners and Investors


Press Release


Baofeng and TRON — Opening a New Era of Blockchain-Based Online Entertainment

TRON is proud to announce the partnership with Baofeng group.

Baofeng, aka Chinese @netflix, boasts more than 200 million users as a video portal giant and has achieved 8 billion CNY listing in Shenzhen stock exchange (300431.SZ).


TRON Reached Strategic Cooperation Agreement with to Expand Its Presence in Gaming

TRON announced today that it has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Game.

com, an online gaming platform which centers on blockchain game content, and has extended its operations to crowdfunding platforms, social IM tools and capital support area.

The future will see expanding the boundary of its gaming operations based on its partnership with TRON; meanwhile, will also become an important stakeholder of TRON network, a pioneer of the decentralized Internet 4.0.


oBike Users to be World’s First to Earn and Ride on Tron Platform

Singapore, 26 December 2017?—?In a world’ first of its kind, users will soon be able to get more out of their oBike rides in addition to keeping fit and burning calories.

Thanks to a new partnership announced by─oBike, Singapore’s first homegrown and biggest bikesharing operator, and TRON, a world-leading blockchain-based decentralised protocol─oBike users will be able to generate and earn oCoins whenever they take an oBike ride.





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