BitTorrent Chain

An Era of
Connecting All Chains

BitTorrent Chain, the first scalable heterogeneous cross-chain interoperability protocol on TRON, adopts the POS (Proof of Stake) mechanism, deploys multiple nodes for validation, and leverages side chains for the scaling of smart contracts.

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Everyone can participate in the validator election by staking BTT on TRON's MainNet, and receive multiple rewards including block production and checkpoint submission by carrying out cross-chain data and value syncronization.


Cross-Chain Bridge

It supports the interoperability among multiple chains, enabling the mapping of assets on the main chains onto BitTorrent Chain, and the seamless transfer of assets and data among multiple chains, providing users easy access to cross-chain projects.


Scaling Solutions

Featuring the POS consensus mechanism, BitTorrent chain allows high concurrence, higher submission speed, lower fees, and smoother operations.


BTTC DApp Development

Compatible with Ethereum-based smart contracts and other functions, BitTorrent Chain allows developers to migrate or develop DApps with ease.


Inter-Blockchain Flexibility

Connected to both TRON and Ethereum Mainnets


Scalable consensus algorithm specific to blockchain


Bidirectional transmission and interaction of assets and data across chains

User Experience

Lower fees and more instant transaction confirmation than other public chains

Developer Experience

Fast migration of protocols, applications, and contracts

Security & Speed

Security verification provided by specialized nodes

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