Tronics Support Plan

Announcement on Tronics Support Plan of TRON DAO
Since TRON DAO was founded, it has upheld its original faith of decentralizing the Internet, working hard to change the world with technology. We have been expanding our technology team, developing the public chain, building infrastructure for the blockchain industry, optimizing the performance of the public chain, and developing DApps. We are very thankful for our supporters and believers who are with us in every step forward.
TRON DAO is a non-profit decentralized autonomous organization, yet all the R&D and marketing require financial support. Previously, many community members have helped us and even offered financial support. They are the real heroes/heroines behind TRON's success. Now, TRON is running on the right track and has entered a stable period of development. Therefore, after discussing with the community, we decided to give back to the community members who have previously offered financial help to TRON. We believe that in a liberal and democratic community, every effort deserves a reward.
We have decided to reward these community members with TRX in proportion to their donations. The rewards will be taken from the assets staked on TRON DAO, which can be withdrawn by the community members after the TRX-staking period ends. During this period, part of the ownership of the TRX staked belongs to the community members, yet the management right belongs to TRON DAO.
The current capital flow of TRON DAO remains stable, but we also appreciate more help from our community members, so that TRON can grow even faster and stronger. TRON promises all the community members that the funds will be used to develop more blockchain technologies and build the TRON ecosystem. We will keep the community updated on a regular basis.
Once again, on behalf of the TRON team, TRON DAO would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our supporters for the donations.


September 2018

Please contact us at [email protected] if you'd like to join the Tronics support scheme

Tronics Support Plan Results
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