March, 2014
TRON is established
July, 2017
TRON Foundation is established in Singapore
December, 2017
TRON launches its open source protocol
May 31, 2018
TRON launches MainNet
Odyssey 2.0 is a technical milestone for TRON
June 25, 2018
TRON Independence Day
The Genesis block has been created with the consensus of TRON community
July 24, 2018
TRON successfully completed the acquisition of BitTorrent and all its products, and incorporated them into TRON's ecosystem
August 23, 2018
The first 27 super representatives of TRON were born
August 30, 2018
The TRON virtual machine (TVM) was officially launched
October 2018
TRON's decentralized application store DappHouse was established
January 17, 2019
TRON held the niTROn Summit 2019 Global Summit and Kobe Bryant was invited to attend
January 28, 2019
The BitTorrent (BTT) crowdfunding concluded within 14 minutes and 41 seconds on the Binance Launchpad


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